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What is EVA foam? EVA foam is characterized by good flexibility, high elasticity like rubber. Even at the temperature of -50 DEG it still have good flexibility, transparency, excellent chemical stability, resisting aging and ozone resistance strength, non-toxic.

Is there any deference between Foam or Sponge?   The definition of a Foam: Foam is a substance where air or gas bubbles are trapped in a solid or liquid. Such as froth on beer, shaving foam. Foam plastics or rubbers

I was recollecting over my most recent ten years in the injection molded (EVA and polyolefin froth) business, and pondered which items made with this procedure are my top choices. It’s an amazingly question as that there have been so many items made. Numerous items have been made by us, however others in our industry […]

Almost any resin can be foamed. The world of foam is made from many different resins yet the injection molded foam process uses EVA, in combination with polyolefin elastomers. Why is that? Because it makes soft foam parts!