2016 new design Embossed EVA foam sheet ( 30 by 40 cm MAX)

Embossed EVA foam sheet

Embossed EVA foam sheet

To fulfill the request of our customer, MOR recently invest a lot of molds and design a lot of new texture of Embossed EVA foam sheet.

This Embossed EVA foam sheet has a max size of 30 CM * 40 CM only, however it varies on colors and hardness. Hardness range from 20 Shore A to 50 Shore A.

It is design for EVA soles for EVA sandal or slipper, however you can apply it to any where it need EVA foam sheet, if the size and texture fit your requirement.

Basic Information:

Material: A grade EVA foam

Color: Any colors match Pan tone color book

Hardness: 20 to 50 Shore A ( equal to 38 to 75 Shore C)

Size: 30 cm * 40 cm or less

Texture Gellery