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3M adhesive EVA deck pad, Marine mat,EVA surfing mat or Surfboard Grip

EVA deck pad is also called EVA deck mats, the difference is size and shape. EVA deck mats usually is a big sheet while EVA deck pad is cutting to various shape.

MOR EVA FOAM can supply full EVA deck mats in full size of 2200 mm* 650 mm* 5 mm or help customer cut it into various pads.

EVA deck pad/EVA deck mat

Color: Various colors to choose.

Size: Up to 2200 mm* 650 mm* 5 mm or custom-ed made

Texture: Various texture for a beautiful outlook and anti slip

Material: EVA foam sheet

Backside: 3M adhesive optional


1. Full EVA deck sheet before cutting

2. Various texture

Various texture of EVA deck mat








3. Various color and colors can be mixed in a sheet

various color eva deck pad









4. Various cutting and 3M adhesive EVA deck pad

5. Finished Product