Carpeted Practice Mats

Carpeted Practice Mats

Carpeted Practice Mats are made with the same high-quality sports foam and soft yet durable 26 oz. It has a lot of advantage as follow:

1. Rollable, light and easy to carry and store
2. Features: light weight, easy to roll up for storage, easy to install and remove, easy to move transport, versatile, professional-use features.
3. Material: leather with non-slip surface, textured leather surface or carpet surface. The bottom material is XPE foam (cross-linked polyethylene foam material), Our XPE foam achieve a more extreme shock absorption, and never stiff foam or contraction.
4. Heat sealing technology: Using our advanced technology to heat the leather, carpet surface and a strong bond bubble together, never separated. Production process does not add any gums and formaldehyde. It is eco-friendly.
5. Water Cut technology: high precision technology to ensure less deformation in the producing, so exercise mat can be easily rolled up and paving.
6. Easy to clean: usually just use a damp cloth to clean the leather surface, the surface can be dampened stain severe detergent and other cleaning agents to wipe. Carpet surface can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
7. Specifications: Each mat width <= 1.9m, length <= 45m, thickness 1-6cm. Size can be customized according to the actual size of the venue, the product can be customized thickness, hardness according to customer needs and project strength and printed logo.
8. Color: red, yellow, orange, blue, black carpeted practice mats.
9. Applicable items: Carpeted Practice mats is widely used in Yoga,Kongfu,Gym,Practice.

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