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3M adhesive Surf traction pad

Surf traction pad is also called EVA deck pad, it is usually cut from EVA foam sheet to a fix shape and size.

MOR EVA FOAM can supply full EVA deck mats in full size of 2200 mm* 650 mm* 5 mm or help customer cut it into various pads.


EVA deck pad/EVA deck mat

Color: Various colors to choose.

Size: Up to 2200 mm* 650 mm* 5 mm or custom cut

Texture: Various texture for a beautiful outlook and anti slip

Material: EVA foam sheet

Backside: 3M adhesive optional


1. Full EVA deck sheet before cutting

2. Various texture

Various texture of EVA surf traction pad








3. Various color and colors can be mixed in a sheet

various color eva deck pad









4. Various cutting and 3M adhesive EVA deck pad

5. Finished Product