Orthopedic EVA sheet For orthotic insoles Milling

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Orthopedic EVA sheet

ORTHOTEC, a complete set of perfect quality foam material for orthopedic and foot-care applications.
ORTHOTEC series products are classified, according to their physical properties and application, into 5 categories:
Cushion / Padding
Cushion / Wedge
Wedge / Lift
Multi-color-medical grade multi-color foam material good for shoe insole, mid-sole, upper, and foot bed.

This Orthopedic EVA sheet is design in Medical grade EVA material with many advanced characters for milling orthotic insoles


  • Medical grade.
  • Light weight.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Easy molding & Fabricating.
  • Non skin irritations.
  • Washable.
  • Shock absorption.
  • Abrasion resistant (Outsole).
  • Closed cell.
  • Slip resistant (Outsole).
  • Anti-bacterial.
  • thermoformable.


Hardness: 35 Shore A or 57 Shore C

Size: 25 cm by 35 cm

Thickness: 10 to 33 mm


Finished Insole preview