U-grooved Swim Platform Mat & Swin Platform Pad

U-Grooved marine swim platform pad

U-Grooved is a pre-routed finish applied on our marine swim platform pad which make it closer looks to the traditional teak-look. This sheet can be used as flooring for the boat or yacht deck, or other outdoor use like swimming pool or garden

U-Grooved can be applied on both of our Bi-layer brushed marine swim platform pad and Bi-layer Embossed marine swim platform pad, all color is available.

U-Grooved outlook


This faux teak U-Grooved marine swim platform pad made from premium  closed cell EVA material specifically formulated for marine applications, it is much more durable and tough compare to EVA foam sheet used in craft or others.


Lamination process is very important for combining two foam sheet together. Unlike some other factory using glue to combine them, we bond them together at higher cost. But bond will provide guaranty that even exposed in sunlight for long time, the two sheets will not come apart.


We apply marine grade press sensitive adhesive on bottom, this adhesive perform very well when adhere to plastic and metal, and it can stand for 100 degrees Celsius for long time to provide longer life time in outdoor environment.

Surface Finish

U-Grooved faux teak finish.


  • Material: Closed cell EVA foam
  • Hardness: 30 SHORE A
  • Size: 1.2 meter * 2.2 meter
  • Thickness: 6 mm (3 mm top and 3 mm base), 8 mm (4 mm top and 4 mm base)
  • Optional: PSA (press sensitive adhesive), Anti-UV protection
  • Texture: U-Grooved faux teak finish.