XPE Foam

XPE Foam

$350 to 800 USD/M3


XPE foam is a kind of polymer material with good and independent obturator foramen, and smoothly surface and good elasticity, meanwhile it is also full of high mechanics intensity and good heat insulation, good waterproof, well resistant to aging, to high temperature, to chemical corrosion and different environments. The XPE foam can be processed, easy and complex ones are both ok, or it also can be compounded with some other material to conglutinate.

MOR Rubber&Plastic Co., Ltd is the high quality manufacturer and supplier of PE foam (XPE foam, IXPE foam) in China, lt can supply different polyethylene foam, and the professional producing PE material.


1. Heat Insulation: Single-foaming structure can reduce the loss of heat between air convections, suitable for making heat preservation pipes and boards. Good anti-dew capability, suitable for humid environments like refrigerators, air-conditioners, ice houses, etc.

2. Cushion Capability: Semi-hard quality foams have good rebound capabilities after strong impact, suitable for the packing of instruments, semi-conductors, electronics, etc.

3. Sound Absorption: Good sound and noise absorption capability, suitable for sound absorption and insulation parts of automobiles, electro-motors and other equipment and environments with loud noises.

4. Shaping Capability: Good heat endurance and ductility capability with even density, suitable for making deep interior parts like shaping in vacuum and hot environments, like the air conditioning vaporizing tank of automobiles, hot-shaped peak canopy of vehicles, shoes, etc.

5. XPE foam has good chemical, oil, acid and alkali durability capabilities: It is safe and odorless, easy for machining and casting, and can be mixed with many other materials. It has a wide developing area as a new environmentally-safe material.


1. Packaging: High-standard-requirement protection-packing materials for electronic components, appliances, etc.
2. Vehicles: Automobile interior parts, peak canopies, instrument bases, sun visors, coolers, foot mats, etc.
3. Education Tools: Teaching tools, children’s toys, gymnastic mats, surfboards, life-jackets, floaters, cushion tools, etc.
4. House Wares: can be used for kitchen sinks, matting, tub lids, mattresses, wall lining, slippers, hats, etc.
5. Heat Insulation: suitable for heat insulation equipment for temperature-conditioned houses, water tanks, reservoirs, central air-conditioners, air-conditioners, etc.
6. Architecture: suitable for heat insulation and preservation, waterproofing, cushioning, anti-leaking, anti-frosting and room decoration purposes for buildings; can be used as construction materials for roofs and walls.

Our XPE foam Properties

Testing Item Properties
5 times 8 times 10 times 15 times 20 times 25 times 30 times 35 times
Surface Density
200±30 125±15 100±10 66.7±8 50±6 40±4 33.3±3 28.6±2
Shore Hardness ° 60~70 50~60 45~50 35~45 30~35 25~30 18~25 13~18
Water Absortion Rate
≤0.02 ≤0.02 ≤0.03 ≤0.03 ≤0.04 ≤0.04 ≤0.05 ≤0.05
Thermal conductivity
≤0.092 ≤0.082 ≤0.072 ≤0.062 ≤0.053 ≤0.047 ≤0.041 ≤0.038
Tensile Strength
≥1.35/1.08 ≥1.12/0.89 ≥0.88/0.71 ≥0.68/0.56 ≥0.39/0.33 ≥0.33/0.25 ≥0.25/0.20 ≥0.20/0.16
Tensibility(L/W)% ≥260/220 ≥230/200 ≥210/185 ≥190/170 ≥170/150 ≥160/135 ≥140/130 ≥120/110
tearing strength(L/W)kN/m ≥5.90/7.10 ≥4.80/5.40 ≥3.60/4.00 ≥2.80/3.30 ≥1.80/2.30 ≥1.60/2.00 ≥1.35/1.70 ≥1.25/1.50
compression set
≤5 ≤6 ≤7 ≤7 ≤9 ≤9 ≤11 ≤11
Dimensional Change rate
≤-6/-4 ≤-6/-4 ≤-6/-4 ≤-6/-4 ≤-6/-4 ≤-


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