MOR has develop a new fireproof board for construction

Normal Fire proof board is the use of siliceous or calcareous material as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of the fiber material, lightweight aggregate, adhesives and chemical additives, decorative plates made of autoclaved technology.

Now Mor has develop new kind of fireproof board base on eva material. We call it PSD fireproof board. It can be as soft as foam or as hard as wood board.

Compare to normal fire resistant board, PSD fireproof board is more lighter and strong, it can reach Class B fireproof in Chinese inspection organization. Because it is kind of Eva, it is very easy to process including cutting, slicing, and sharping.

Outstand Feature including:

  • FireProof, Insulator and Sound proof;
  • Light weight, same as foam;
  • High tensile strength;
  • Low water absorption: not damp, mildew;
  • Low temperature: long-term use under temperature of minus 240 degrees -80 degrees;
  • Good workability: processing performance as a variety of wood;
  • The thickness, size, hardness, color, etc. is adjustable;

Sample is ready on request for a test.

For more information, pls go through the production page: fireproof foam

About MOR

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