How to use double-sided adhesive EVA foam bonded with others faster and better

Double-sided adhesive EVA foam is a light-weight double-sided adhesive, and widely used in: electronics, electrical appliances, metal, plastic, printing, ceramics, machinery, clothing, craft, gifts, gifts, tobacco and so on industry. The color can be white, black, color, transparent and other colors and should be choose base on products and applied condition. There is several point when apply double-sided adhesive EVA foam in the bonding.

1, Make sure the surface where the adhesive EVA foam adhere to is cleaned and dried, Normally we recommend to use 1: 1 IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and water mixture to clean the surface, until the surface is completely dry.

2, After surface is clean and dry, adhere the adhesive EVA foam tape it, Using a roller or other way to impose about 15 PSI (1.05 kg / square centimeter) of the pressure, to make bonding more effective.

3, Peel the paper off EVA foam tape, and adhere another material to the tape using the same application of 15 PSI pressure to make bonding more effective. If you want to remove the bubble, you should increase the pressure but not out of limitation of bonding material.

4, The ideal temperature of bonding is 15-38 ℃, not less than 10 ℃.

5, When bonding, you should bond one end first, and then slowly to the other end, this can reduce the probability of air bubbles rising.


Report on 1st SEP 2015

Africa has a wide demand for EVA foam sheet to work as slipper sole or sandal sole. After monthly discussion, we have come to agree with RAMA group which is a professional shoes material trader to explore African Market.

The First country is Sudan, with the help of RAMA group we can supply containers of EVA SHEET every month to Sudan market. We are glad that RAMA choosing us as the partner of EVA sheet.

These EVA  SHEET will be shipped to Port Sudan directly, then it will be cut to EVA sole in RAMA factory to assemble EVA slipper.

Here is the design of EVA foam sheet that is quite welcome in Sudan.



Diamond texture eva foam sheet.jpg

Diamond texture eva foam sheet.jpg


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