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Difference among PE EVA RUBBER A video showing you what the different of Slippers made from PE EVA and Rubber Of cause Rubber slipper would be best, but it is heavy and costy. EVA slipper would be a balance and best choice.

Eco yoga mat to choose While keeping the body and mind in excellent condition is the ultimate goal of yoga, keeping the earth in good shape is also a primary consideration for many of its health conscious practitioners. For this reason, it is exciting that several companies are now offering an eco yoga mat. Of […]

EVA FOAM corsetto IN YOUR STYLE che il corsetto è una parte indispensabile del guardaroba di un cosplayer femminile ed è perfetto per una varietà di generi – sia esso fantasia, steam-punk, cappa e spada in alto mare. In questo tutorial, ci si mostra appena quanto facile è di creare un corsetto di tua scelta, [...]