I was recollecting over my most recent ten years in the injection molded (EVA and polyolefin froth) business, and pondered which items made with this procedure are my top choices. It’s an amazingly question as that there have been so many items made. Numerous items have been made by us, however others in our industry have also made unimaginable products. If i have to choose five, then what will be them?

Hard to choose,but here is my list. And I will need to do an alternate post for addition.

EVA SANDALEVA molded Sandals.

Obviously this is the first choice. The only reason is that it is incredible design for worldwide, and we export them to also most every corner of world. After they exited a hot mold, the shoes were cooled on an unit that just like a ferris wheel, where each one level held one cycle of production. All around they would go and toward the end of the cycle, they would be expelled from the mould. Straps with many colors will be pined.



eva backpackEVA molded backpacking

You may have a backpack,particularly a top class backpack, but i bet that you won’t notice the foam including in them. It is always behind the fabric or mesh. Here is a photo of backpack which include ITS LUMBAR AND UPPER back comfort-foam on outside. The injection molded technology allow designer to manage the practical, as well as the delightful.



EVA molded seat

EVA molded seat

Generally, EVA molded seats were produced using fabric to lamination with a molded foam. This design is very popular before. Customers like their durability and other details. It is easy to make a logo on molded foam. That is why i can say even you use a eva molded seat from a famous company, but it maybe produced by us!




Look at this truly innovative froth carseat armrest. We design this armrest foam to be Injection molded and let the foam to “shring” on to a plastic substrate. The subtrate has edges on it that make a “hold” relationship between the froth and the plastic. The results wound up using the profits of EVA/polyolefin froth in an armrest application that required to be “child cordial.”

EVA Molded kneeling Pad

I don’t know whether I like this item more as a result of its plan or in view of its capacity. I bet you won’t know that it is used in construction. Worker can use this smart design to stay on top of a house as they are introducing one truss after an alternate. The orange backing is made of solid, powder-covered aluminum. The injection molded EVA/polyolefin froth cushioning gives solace to knees and legs and stays dry amid utilization.

eva kneeling pad

eva kneeling pad

If you have a better choice, I’d want to find out about it.Meanwhile, visit our productions to know more!

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