Eco yoga mat to choose

While keeping the body and mind in excellent condition is the ultimate goal of yoga, keeping the earth in good shape is also a primary consideration for many of its health conscious practitioners. For this reason, it is exciting that several companies are now offering an eco yoga mat.

Of course, trying to determine the best mat for one needs is sometimes confusing. One needs to consider the materials used in the eco friendly mat, the ease of maintaining it, the traction provided by its surface, and the comfort of it. Also, color and style choices are important to those choosing an eco yoga mat to fit their unique personalities.

Consider all factor, One type of eco yoga mat,  This is a very light weight mat. Because it is made from Nitrile/Buna N Rubber (NBR) foam, it holds up even when exposed to moisture, chemicals, or oil-based products. While it is easy to clean, this eco yoga mat is also free of toxic materials and does not release dangerous gases back into the atmosphere. Mor Rubber&Plastic Foam Offer this kind of yoga mat.


NBR yoga mat

NBR yoga mat

Another type is the Earth Elements mat, is made from a non-toxic, biodegradable Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE) foam. This mat is not only recyclable, but also free of Latex and PVC. TPE based mats can be found in sizes up to six feet, and their patterned surface provides great footing and grip for even the most difficult yoga moves. The most important is TPE is very expensive.

Yoga enthusiasts might also want to consider a mat made from EVA foam when choosing an eco yoga mat. Like the other enviromentally friendly mats, EVA foam yoga mats are recyclable, biodegradable, and contain no toxins. In addition, the process by which they are made leaves very little impact on the environment.

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