Almost any resin can be foamed. The world of foam is made from many different resins yet the injection molded foam process uses EVA, in combination with polyolefin elastomers. Why is that? Because it makes soft foam parts!

eva-molded-foam-partsHard or Soft Foam? There are many other polymers like polypropylene, polyethylene, or polystyrene which can easily be foamed creating a lower density, lighter product. However the results will stiff and hard as they are hard and stiff resins to begin with.

EVA produces flexible foam. EVA is a polymer that is similar to an elastomer because it can be made to be soft and flexible. That’s the origin of the term flexible foam. This means that when soft EVA is manufactured, the resulting foam will also be even softer and pliable, allowing the production of varied soft foam parts to be used in industries such as juvenile, outdoor, sporting goods, kitchen and bath to name a few.

eva-foam-manufacturerHow does it work? In a simplistic sense, any formula combining EVA and polyolefins will have a linear chemical makeup. Under normal circumstances, having a linear chain creates a harder material. However, because of the specific chemical makeup of EVA it won’t crystallize easily, helping it to retain its softness. In addition, EVA foam can be crosslinked, which will both help to stabilize the foam as well as produce soft foam final parts.

Crosslinking creates stable soft foam. Basically crosslinked foams, like EVA foam, are more stable than similar highly expanded un-crosslinked foams. This means it can retain its foam structure at temperatures approaching the melting point of the polymer used and, in some cases, exceed it. One of the additional benefits of parts made from EVA foam, and other crosslinked foams, is the ability to create parts by compression molding methods, including the injection molded foam process.

Why EVA foam is a perfect resin for our injection molding manufacturing process? It produces soft EVA molded parts that are stable, durable, closed cell, and chemically resistant.

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