Which places are now producing EVA outsole in a mass? 

In the early 21 century,actually the late 20 century, South East Asia became the most integrated place of making shoes , By the way ,Anta, Lining,Xtep came up and flourished in China those days. Like China ,India ,Thailand and other South Eastern Asia countries, they benifited from the growing global economy and open up rform , their outsoles products go to the world too.And most importantly their outsoles products became famouse for their moderate price and good quolity.

eva outsole
EVA oursoles

Top 3 EVA outsoles provider with good reputation in South east Asia?

Thailand:Neaki  1997 www.Neaki.th   15 years history   MOQ is big and quality superior,unit price is high.

China:MOR   2000 www.MorEvaFoam.com sells their products since 2007 ,moderate price and acceptble MOQ with good quality.

Indo:Hasan      2005 www.hasan.in  new born company price low but also quality negative.

Our advantage is located in Jinjiang City where output almost 75% sportshoes of the world. That is why we can offer plenty design of EVA outsole at moderate price.

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