Since the year of 2010,the importing for foaming produces which contain Formamide have been prohibited by both the France and Belgium in the form of trade control, it affects the market to some degreen . A lot of customers require the manufacturers to pruduce the Formamide free products, If not , they will not place order.
However, seeing from the standard of plastic industry, The food and toys require a higher standard. But , the foaming produces have existed for several decades, why it wasn`t listed in the required standard if it is really so serious .In Asia, Japan is the only country who proposes to prohibite Formamide .In Europe ,Germany is the most developed country in chemicaL indurstry . BAYER CO. in Germany is the only manufacturer to produce AC forming agent in Europe who lated sold the whole equipment to China. And so far he also doesn`t propose any prohibition to Formamide.
The importing produces of Europe have the following restrainings: Rosh, EN71,and Reach the 53RD order .All these instructions have a spcific limitvalue to the specific material ,not to Say that it can cause cancer ,even it is deadly, it still has a certain limitvalue .In that case, is it really so mysterious ?Of course not We have to treat this thing with a more seraous attitute.
Both Europe’s importors and China’s manufacturer should require Europe standard organisation to conduct a scientific assess to the content of Formamide,and publish a reasonable and public limitualue standard .If they can not provide,It is obviously just a trade restriction of Belgium and France to restrict importing,
The reports said that customers might be misguided.It`s right that foaming produces content a bit of Formamide. ,because it is the resolvent of AC foaming agent, and per kilo AC foaming agent will produce about 200mg Formamide after it is knocked down completely. However, the Formamide without any smelling ,even it is heated to the evaporation temperature ,it still will not produce any ammonia that can be smelt .The Formamide is disteibuted within the plastic, while people just touch the surface of the plastic. That is to say, people can not touch the Formamide essentially.
The pungent smelling of foaming products does not emit from Formamide, While from another gas-ammonia , which is the resolvent of ac foaming agent. A perfectly resolve of each kilo Formamide will produce about 50 gram ammonia, the ammonia is highly volatiled , and it can volatile slowly from the foaming products. When we open the containers、cartons、 or bags, which are loaded of foaming products, all the pungent smelling are ammonia. the pungent smelling are ammonia can also make people’s eyes watery and nose choked ammonia has a more serious influence on people’s health than Formamide .So to improve the quality of foaming products is to remove the ammonia.
In China, the Remove Ammonia Additives, which is researched and produced by MOR RUBBER & PLASTIC FOAM, can remove ammonia smelling efficiently. And let’s produce high quality and odourless foaming products together. Our EVA product has passed REACH and SGS certificate.


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