Moisture Proof Mat

We see too much kinds of the moisture proof mat, but It’s easy to know their characteristics before purchasing.

A. PE Foam block moisture proof mat:
It’s the most common type of the mat. The feature of this kind is low price, short lifetime and the major drawback is the poisonous smell caused by the material. It’s very harmful to use this kind of mat for long.

B. EVA Foam moisture proof mat:
It’s also a common material used in moisture proof mat. This type has better elasticity and toughness, compared with foam block type, and inevitable, is much expensive. But usually, except the real expert, people can’t judge it from the foam block type.

C. XPE foam moisture proof mat:
It’s a new type popular material used in moisture-proof mat, which has excellent performance in strength and elasticity. Although people always judge it by the appearance, which is not so smooth as EVA, it’s more environment friendly, odorless and more safety.

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