Have you ever thought about what’s actually inside your running shoe? We sliced a Brooks Launch 2 in half to expose five key parts:

A: Flat-Seam Interior

Instead of awkward seams that can irritate parts of the foot, most shoes are designed to have a smooth interior to allow running with or without socks.

B: Engineered Mesh Upper

New, high-tech meshes offer greater durability and stretchiness, but they also provide more support and facilitate a snug, secure fit.

C: Basic Foam Layer

The primary mid-sole foam in most shoes is generally some form of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA foam sheet) aimed at dampening impact.

Yes yes, this is what we produce.

D: Secondary Foam

New materials create a softer experience, more energy return and the feeling of forward propulsion at the front part of a gait.

E: Sockliner

Thickly cushioned sockliners enhance the step-in feel at the try-on moment in a store, and increase comfort on long runs.