What is EVA foam?

EVA foam is characterized by good flexibility, high elasticity like rubber.

Even at the temperature of -50 DEG it still have good flexibility, transparency, excellent chemical stability, resisting aging and ozone resistance strength, non-toxic.

EVA foam can be produced by injection molding, blow molding, calendering, thermoforming, coating, heat sealing, welding molding.

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EVA foam was made from EVA granules as raw material, and adding other additives after injection molding foaming. The EVA granules is composed of ethylene and vinyl acetate co-polymer and preparation, English name for the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, referred to as EVA.

Application of EVA foam:

EVA foam usually comes in EVA foam sheet or EVA foam roll

EVA foam with excellent chemical properties, are widely used in manufacturing shoes, bags lining, toys, sports goods, building materials, timber materials, and various emerging applications such as electronic parts and automotive interiors and so.

Industry chain

The production process of EVA foaming material including granulation, blending and foaming three steps. By granulation, EVA resin will be processed into small particles, and then by the EVA foaming, The factory put the granules and other agents into certain mold according certain formula. Different formula different can generate different performance.

EVA foam is then sell to factories  such as shoes. Scrap generated in the foaming process can also be recycling.

Recycling of EVA foam material is not only contribute to environmental protection, but also help foaming factories to save cost.

Price trend

EVA import prices is all the way up from 2006 to 2008, from about 10800 CNY/ton to about 13600 CNY/ton.

In 2009, as the crude oil prices fell, resulting in EVA cost down. On the other hand, the financial crisis has caused a decrease demand for EVA reduction. These two factors led to the EVA import prices in 2009 fell to about 10200 CNY/ton.

After 2010, with the gradual recovery of the macroeconomic environment, EVA demand picks up gradually while the international crude oil prices goes up. EVA prices quickly rebounded to 13500 yuan per ton.

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