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Marine mat is always an important part of your boat. there are many different kinds of marine mat made from different material like rubber, PVC, wood or EVA foam. They bring totally different advantage. Here i would like to introduce our marine mat made from EVA foam.  

When deciding which running shoe to buy, perhaps the most important feature of the shoe is its midsole. You can’t see the midsole (it is sandwiched between the outsole and the insole), but it is largely responsible for the cushioning your feet, knees, hips and entire body receive each time your feet hit the ground.

Marine Mat said it obtained patent-pending status for removable EVA foam traction mats. “This invention is a huge step forward in making EVA foam traction mats more appealing to boat owners and competitive with traditional flooring products, like carpet,” Marine Mat owner Greg Pickren said in a statement.

Here is a Video showing how to produce EVA foam from EVA resin to EVA sheet or EVA roll. Mor EVA foam provide raw material of EVA foam sheet, EVA foam roll and addtional OEM service like cutting. Pls contact MOR EVA Foam for your next project.

What is EVA foam? EVA foam is characterized by good flexibility, high elasticity like rubber. Even at the temperature of -50 DEG it still have good flexibility, transparency, excellent chemical stability, resisting aging and ozone resistance strength, non-toxic.

Is there any deference between Foam or Sponge?   The definition of a Foam: Foam is a substance where air or gas bubbles are trapped in a solid or liquid. Such as froth on beer, shaving foam. Foam plastics or rubbers

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