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EVA shoes sole usually produce by EVA molded or EVA injection. No matter which process is choosed, there will be a high density surface left. This skin prevent EVA shoes Sole to Glue with other EVA foam sheet or fabric. We can destroy this skin by using chemical water, but the effect is not so […]

EVA twice molding is common process to produce EVA sole and other EVA molding production. We can produce dual density or Dual Color of EVA foam by this technology. Here is a Video showing how to process EVA twice molding in our machine. Mor EVA foam provide raw material of EVA foam sheet, EVA foam […]

I was recollecting over my most recent ten years in the injection molded (EVA and polyolefin froth) business, and pondered which items made with this procedure are my top choices. It’s an amazingly question as that there have been so many items made. Numerous items have been made by us, however others in our industry […]