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There are so many kinds of shoes sole developed already, and they have quite different characteristics. Here we would like to make a definition for them and help you understand their characteristics. MOR EVA FOAM is most focus on EVA shoes sole and MD shoes sole.

Usually we use mold cutting to cut eva foam sheet to special sharp we need. But sometime laser cutting would be more excise and easy to process EVA foam sheet when the design is complicate and not regular. We would like to show you two picture of EVA sole process by laser etched and Laser […]

EVA (Technicaly named Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) EVA  is one of the best shock absorption materials available today. This is why all the major top-line brand joggers use this material, due to the great combination of shock absorption with the light weight of the sole. EVA  outsole is the lightest among all kinds of outsoles.