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THE EXPOSITION OF FORMAMIDE PROHIBITON 自2010年开始,法国和比利时同时以贸易管制的形式禁止本国进口含有甲酰胺的发泡制品以来,的确有对市对市场造成一定的影响。很多客户纷纷要求厂家做出没有含甲酰胺的产品才能下单。 Since the year of 2010,the importing for foaming produces which contain Formamide have been prohibited by both the France and Belgium in the form of trade control, it affects the market to some degreen . A lot of customers require the manufacturers to pruduce the Formamide free products, If […]

Which places are now producing EVA outsole in a mass? In the early 21 century,actually the late 20 century, South East Asia became the most integrated place of making shoes , By the way ,Anta, Lining,Xtep came up and flourished in China those days. Like China ,India ,Thailand and other South Eastern Asia countries, they […]

EVA (etilen vinil asetat adlı dediği) EVA biridir en iyi şok emme malzemeler mevcut bugün. Bu yüzden tüm büyük top-line markası joggers şok emilimi büyük kombinasyonu ile tek ışık ağırlık nedeniyle bu malzeme kullanın. EVA taban outsoles her türlü arasında en hafif olduğunu.