Продукт дизайнери і розробники були просять якщо ін'єкцій литьевие піни процес може виробляти частин dual щільність і подвійний кольоровий Єва піни.

двох колір формованні піна частинFinally, after lots of trials, this foam process is now perfected for simple geometry parts in MOR ЄВА ПІНИ. This is huge progress in a growing industry that has no centralized association. It’s the hard working inventive people on both the machine manufacturing and molder sides that pushed past all the obstacles that ultimately resulted in this breakthough.

So far, we’ve only been able create real quality parts when the geometry is simple, like a sandal or a midsole. Look at them. Don’t they look fabulous? For example the upper side is one color (and one density) and the bottom side is a second color, or Upper side is soft while bottom side is harder.

two-color-sandalObviously, it can’t stop here. Those of us in this industry must continue to strive to create the ability to produce more complex geometric parts in dual density/ dual color eva foam. Hopefully, this will not take several years to perfect like the initial trials.

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