Морська матМорська мат завжди є важливою частиною вашої човни. Існує багато різних типів морських мат, виготовлені з різних матеріалу, як гуми, ПВХ, дерева або Єва піни. Вони приносять абсолютно різні переваги. Тут я хотів би познайомити наших морських килимок з Єва піни.

MOR ЄВА ПІНИ is a producer of semi-finished foam sheet for Морська мат. We provide semi-finished EVA foam sheet with brushed or embossed texture and adhesive back side. In this way, you can using a routing machine to make your own design and install it for your customer or by yourself. Here is some advantage of our mat that you need to take into consideration when you going to replace marine mat for your boat.


Yes Safety is always the most important factor, We make them non slip to make sure you can stand and walk safely on your boat. Meanwhile the material is also eco-friend and no harmful to human compare to PVC.


EVA foam is commonly used as material for yoga mat, it is softer than other marine mat materials. Unlike wood or fiberglass, it is always an enjoy when you stand on it no matter in the heat or cold.


Our marine mat is able to handle harsh weather, wind, rain, pooling water. And it is special made with Anti-UV character which make sure the color will not fade easily in strong sunlight.

Елегантне та індивідуальні outlook

We provide various color to match your boat, and the brushed or embossed texture will make the marine mat elegant. Additionally, it is easy to add personality or character into your floor mats, Maybe route your slogan, your company logo, or the logo of your favorite sports team?

Легке встановлення та очищення

The adhesive back side make installation so easy. Following instruction, you can install them by yourself. And it is also easy to clean just like clean your boat deck using water and soap.