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2014 年 9 月 22 日 知識庫文章

THE EXPOSITION OF FORMAMIDE PROHIBITON 自2010年開始,法國和比利時同時以貿易管制的形式禁止本國進口含有甲醯胺的發泡製品以來,的確有對市對市場造成一定的影響。 很多客戶紛紛要求廠家做出沒有含甲醯胺的產品才能下單。 Since the year of 2010,the importing for foaming produces which contain Formamide have been prohibited by both the France and Belgium in the form of trade control, it affects the market to some degreen . A lot of customers require the manufacturers to pruduce the Formamide free products, If [...]

罰款密度 EVA 發泡產品設定檔一直追求的方向。平整度是好的感覺很好,好的印刷效果,如色彩和精緻的優點,一些 EVA 發泡工廠一直奉行這些優勢。然而,原配方只是不能解決這個問題。

Which places are now producing EVA outsole in a mass? In the early 21 century,actually the late 20 century, South East Asia became the most integrated place of making shoes , By the way ,Anta, Lining,Xtep came up and flourished in China those days. Like China ,India ,Thailand and other South Eastern Asia countries, they […]

EVA (毛線衫命名乙烯醋酸乙烯酯) EVA 是當今最好的衝擊吸收材料之一。這就是鞋底的為什麼所有主要的頂級品牌慢跑者使用這種材料,由於減震大結合重量輕。EVA 大底是最輕的鞋底各種。